JD Edwards


As more companies expand globally, corporate locations will struggle to operate autonomously and distributed.  There’s a demand now more than ever before to integrate data and make businesses more efficient through the consolidated use of this information.  Most organizations have multiple business systems and ERP instances that expand their enterprise.  A distributed architecture of heterogeneous systems hinders the ease of integration and reporting.  Where this is most apparent is in organizations’ financial systems.  It’s not uncommon for companies to have multiple and varied GL platforms as well as a Chart of Accounts that isn’t replicated.  Organizations have identified the need to produce more accurate and timely global data found on a regional basis.  The goal of many corporations is to increase efficiency and control of financial management processes.  TechStone helps clients with the consolidation of these systems and enables companies to leverage this global information.

The majority of global organizations have a combination of ERP systems that can span everything from SAP and Oracle to vendors like Lawson and Great Plains.  TechStone has been helping clients in particular with JD Edwards to consolidate their systems to a single global instance.  These clients not only want to gain from the inherent operational efficiencies but also benefit from the IT maintenance and support of one platform.  TechStone has provided both staffing and full project support to clients in these efforts.

TechStone uses predefined processes and proven methodology in consolidating these systems.  Typically, the process begins with a summary view of all data transactions.  This usually includes the financial processes such as GL.  Phases are defined and functional requirements are specified.  A  project plan is then assembled by TechStone and the client team.

The role of the TechStone Functional Expert in an ERP project is to provide specific key skills to the implementation team that allows the team to successfully implement a specific ERP module.  The TechStone Functional Expert (TFE) provides both functional project lead skills in gathering requirements and coordinating functionality with users as well as configuring the software and working with the technical developers in producing the software.  Below are some of the tasks a TFE performs in a project:

  • Coordination of user requirements and technical specs
  • Project plan development and software configuration
  • Design, development and testing management
  • The TFE’s have been involved with JDE conversions worldwide.  They essentially serve as the Project Lead for a client in helping to set up new business units or company set-ups that originate from mergers, acquisitions and/or organic growth.  The TFE’s provide functional leadership to convert legacy data into JDE.