Corner Stone Framework

Corner Stone Framework

A custom proprietary architecture developed internally by TechStone.  The framework leverages a canonical data model utilizing multiple abstract layers.  As well, it provides an event driven architecture allowing for process orchestration and business logic encapsulation.  Below are more details. 

  • Abstractions
    • Business Process Layer
    • Transport Delivery Layer
    • Business Message Layer
    • Domain Specific Processing Layer
  • Canonical Data Model
    • Segmented internal and external interfaces
    • Common integration data model
    • Common business process objects and reporting
  • Event Driven Architecture
    • Layer Approach
    • External API Abstractions
    • Internal business logic encapsulation
    • Process Orchestration
  • Integration Design Patterns
    • Blue Printing
    • Reference Implementations
    • API Management
      • Internal API’s
      • External API’s
      • Service Enablemet

Framework Components

  • TsEvent – Framework component design for event driven or data driving processing of transaction across the enterprise
    • TsDB – Supporting JDBC services for logging and persisting event transactions
    • TsEvent  – Core Event abstraction services that provide the state management and transaction management of events
    • TsRequest – Core event abstraction services that provide the creation process for event handling
  • TsEventManager – Framework component design for event management.
    • TsDB – Supporting JDBC services for the Event Manager for logging and persisting state.
    • TsEvent – Interface services for utilizing event framework.
    • TsRequest – Interface services for utilizing the event framework
  • TsGlobalExceptionHandler – Framework component design for event driven error handling with flow or Java services
  • TsX – Canonicals and supporting services Framework component
  • TsXValidation – Supporting validation services for common and TsX schemas

Utility Components

  • TsCommons – Collection of common services and components designed for high reusability
  • TsGPG – Framework component design for managing and utilizing GPG encryption with partners or backend systems
  • TsGovenor – Framework component for managing process model instances.
  • TsPDF – Framework component design for creating or merging Adobe PDF files
  • TsProperty – Framework component design for creating in memory property files and management services
  • TsProxy – Framework component design for creating abstraction between the webMethods reverse invoke server and the integration server

Benefits of CornerStone

  • Common Architecture
  • Common Component Design
  • Appropriate Encapsulation and Abstraction
  • Maintainability
    • Lower Cost – Less code equals less maintenance
  • Reusability
    • Faster delivery
    • Lower Cost
  • Scalability
    • Increase volume
    • Increase functional process
  • Extensibility
    • New Business Process
    • New Transport Protocols
    • New Business Messages