Business Process Management


Most TechStone clients today have complex IT systems and environments.  Although companies continue to standardize their IT departments they will always continue to use best of breed solutions that don’t naturally communicate.  TechStone thus provides solutions that always manage heterogeneous environments.  These complex and varied systems in turn manage multi-processes for various operational needs.  TechStone incorporates BPM solutions to provide the ability to fine-tune these processes that drive business efficiency.  They allow business managers to refine, control and optimize how business is done.

  • Significantly improve reliability of capital expenditure spending data (forecast and actual).
  • Provide senior and executive management the ability to better assess how shifts in the timing and amount of capital outlays impact the company’s financial picture.
  • Provide flexible approved workflow routing to better manage impacts of organizational change
  • More effective project management and support for company-wide activity-based costing and manufacturing initiatives